Artist statement

In my recent works, I move towards abstraction by trading the traditional support for a shaped panel. For some, the physical borders of the traditional canvas give more grip on what is going on within these borders. However, I tend to ask myself whether this kind of comfort gives me the challenge I need.

These predetermined edges makes me anxious about limitations, but at the same time, this almost unlimited physical freedom results in multiple visual restrictions.

My work literally and figuratively plays with the border between comfort and discomfort, endless abilities and infinite forms. The way in which the paint and brushstrokes react to the form, and the other way around, fascinates me. Does the form of the shape lead my brush, or do I adapt my form to the painted context? The speed and the anarchistic approach of an image leads to radical decisions and often results in surprising twists.

Like a story that has different twists and turns along its plotline which leads to a controlled loss, for me, the painting process remains an exercise in taking control and letting go. The outcome offers an open ending, focusing on the gaps in a personal interpretation of reality - in my case, this can be a place, an object, a character, or a combination of them all.

Artikel ‘De Morgen’ door Els Maes’ 2021

tekst door Stefaan Vervoort 2021

tekst door Philippe van Cauteren 2021 (Director Smak)

tekst door Iris Paschalidis 2021 (Head collection Smak)

tekst door Wim Van der Celen 2019


Former studies:

Name of institute: Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg

City: Hasselt (Limburg) 3500

Study from/till: 2007-2011

Department: Fine arts

Diploma title: Master in fine arts. Main subject: Painting

Exhibition Curriculum Vitae

            ‘Art Rottedam’ Fair Rotterdam (NL)
            ‘MulierMulier’ groupshow Knokke (BE)
            ‘Moment’ Groupshow Tongeren (BE)

            Aankoop van 6 werken door de Vlaamse gemeenschap                     voor de permanente collectie van Smak. Gent (BE)

          ‘Nuages’ groupshow  Maison des Arts Brussel (BE)

         ‘Between canyons and deserts’ solo show  Z33 Hasselt (BE)

          ‘Cutouts and found papers’ duo show’ The Whitehouse’                   Leuven (BE)

        ‘Stalen’ Groupshow’ De filatuur curated by ‘Koen van                         den Broek’ Brussel (BE)

        ‘Limburg Biënnale’ Groupshow ‘Marres’ Maastricht                               (NL)
        ‘Time is on my side’ groupshow i.s.m. Moment                                       Tongeren  (BE)


        Bad-beurs Gent ism Mathias Swings (BE)

        'Chain' groupshow ism Hisk & Koen van den Broek                             Merksem (BE)

        ‘Koresidency’ i.s.m. Stef Van Bellingen Warp Sint                                 Niklaas             (BE)

        Expo Vonk i.s.m. Koen Leemans C-Mine Genk (BE)


        Expo Vonk i.s.m. Sofie Deederen Z33 Hasselt (BE)

          ‘Koresidency’ Z33 Hasselt (BE)


         Expo Vonk Regina Mundi klooster Genk (BE)

         BAD-beurs Gent (Be)   
        Voorzitter ‘Vonk’ VZW


          Expo Vonk z33 Hasselt (BE) 


        Penningeester ‘Vonk’ VZW

        'De Aftrap' groupshow CC Bilzen (Be)


        ‘No movement’ CC Heusden Zolder (Be)

        ‘Vonk on Wheels’ Oud Gemeenteplein Genk (Be)

         Project i.s.m. Stijn Van Dorpe en ‘Flacc’ (Be) 


        ‘Dumont’ Vonk atelier Genk (BE) 


        ‘Gaverprijs’ cc De schakel Waregem (Be)

        ‘Reconverce’ CC Casino Beringen (BE)

        ‘Extamuros’ CC Strombeek Brussel (Be)

        ‘Manifesta’ André Dumont Genk (Be)


        ‘GYM’ Hasselt (Be)

         ‘Exit 11’ C-Mine Genk (Be)

          ‘Los’ Kasteel oud Rekem (Be)


            ‘Centre Of Mass’, Lokaal 01, Antwerp (Be)

             ‘Student triënnale’ Istanbul


            ‘Bachelor expo’, Provinciale Hogeschool                                    Limburg Hasselt(Be)

            ‘Manufactured’ Zaal België Hasselt (Be)